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A hobby which became an obsession, which has expanded globally. Every diamond is hand picked and curated, with its beauty guaranteed

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Select Diamond Shapes

Every diamond sold at Fergus James is expertly hand curated by one of our expert gemologists. Select the perfect diamond to meet all your needs.

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Ultimate Education Guide

We have done extensive training and research into all the intricacies of diamonds, so that you don’t have to. Here you can find our education guide to anything you will ever need to know about diamonds.

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Eternity Diamond Rings

An increasingly popular choice of ring, with diamonds encircling the band. Eternity rings can be customized with any diamond choice and style. Always a stunning choice of diamond ring, and a real statement piece.

Diamond Rings...

Fergus James
Fergus James

Diamond Bracelets

Fergus James specializes in engagement rings, but we have a range of beautiful diamond bracelets. Perfect for any occasion, a gift or to treat yourself.


Diamond Earrings

For more empirical and in-depth studies about important aspects of diamonds, contained here are a number of highly regarded studies by industry leaders and diamond institutes. Learn about the Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat


Fergus James
Fergus James