A honeymoon is the perfect opportunity for a holiday of a lifetime where newlyweds can escape from the rush of the wedding, destress and enjoy one another. Selecting just the right spot for your honeymoon isn’t as easy as it sounds.
At Fergus James we have picked out 6 dreamy locations:


You will struggle to find a more exotic destination than the stunning islands of the Maldives. The colourful reefs, your own water villa with a deck that opens to the clear blue water and beautiful weather, Maldives can offer you a honeymoon you have always dreamed of.


Bali is one of the most romantic places to visit whilst one of most affordable. What better way to begin marriage life than hidden away in a peaceful jungle?


Thailand is a favourite honeymoon destination for couples who enjoy combining tropical paradise with adventure and culture. The picture-perfect beaches, white sand and fantastic cuisine awaits you on your honeymoon in Thailand.


Paris is known to be the most romantic city in the world where countless love stories have begun. Spend your days sipping wine, walking hand in hand around the Eiffel Tower or sat admiring the amazing views with the one you love. Paris is everything you have wished for and more.


When we think of American honeymoon destinations, to us Hawaii stands out as the clear winner. From five-star spas to private service at your private cabana to moonlight dinners on the beach. We recommend honeymooners visit Maui Island. Hawaii ticks all the boxes.


Marriage is an adventure. So, what better way than to start your adventure exploring Dubai and the extravagant lifestyle it has to offer. With beautiful rooftop lounges, iconic buildings, desert landscapes and breath-taking ocean views Dubai can guarantee an unforgettable honeymoon.