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Our customers leave their reviews on the visitor posts section of our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FergusJames/home. We have transferred a selection of those reviews to the testimonial page of our website. We aim to delight every customer with our high-quality standards, excellent customer service and outstanding value – this has been recognized by professional jewelers in the United Kingdom who regularly feedback to our customers, whilst conducting a professional independent valuation/appraisal of our product, how high the quality is. Fellow industry professionals praising the technical quality of our product and putting us at the same standard as Tiffany and Cartier, is something that we are immensely proud of.

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Yes – we encourage all of our customers to come and meet us in person – our address details can be found in the contacts section of our website.

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Yes – Fergus James is British owned and operated and adheres to the British Standards Institution’s code of practice. Everything we do is based on quality, design, precision, beauty and excellent customer service. Our business model relies entirely on word of mouth. We aim to delight every single customer.

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Diamonds & Jewellery Information

Our customers say it best – the feedback that we receive from our customers is that the valuations are between 2-3 times what they paid Dubai Rocks for the Item. The quality that we provide is the Dubai market is unique and our customers feedback supports and reinforces our focused approach to quality beauty and value. Customers have also fed back that many Independent Jewellery professionals, conducting the valuations on our fine jewellery, are impressed by our high quality standards that are on par with the likes of Tiffany.

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Yes – all GIA certified diamonds come with a laser inscription against the inside of the girdle (invisible to the naked eye). Whilst it may be difficult for the untrained eye to find the inscription, a trained jeweler will be able to find it for you with ease, usually as part of the valuation process.

Our ethics are strong and uncompromising – we source all of our metals from high quality, ethically motivated producers in Italy whilst all of our diamonds are supplied through De Beers sight holders who stringently adhere to the Kimberly Process (a set of standards conceptualized by the United Nations).

Yes you should always get your diamond ring insured. Most people can do this easily, and at no extra cost, by simply calling their household contents insurance company and adding the jewellery as a separate item for the cover. If you are travelling with your ring you should always check with your travel insurance company, and home contents insurance company, to make sure that one of the policies covers your diamond ring.

You should insure the ring for the value stated in the independent jewellery evaluation report. If you do not get an independent valuation, as an absolute minimum you should insure the item for 150% of the value that you paid for it. This will ensure that, should something happen, you can easily replace it with something that matches your original purchase. Remember that diamond and gold values generally increase over time so you will need to consider the reassessing the valuation every year or so from an insurance perspective to allow for prices increases.

Fergus James carefully create each and every single ring to your exact specifications and requirements, using the highest quality materials and the most skilled artisans in the world. The result is a luxury work of ART, a real one of a kind creation, as unique as the person for which it is intended. Whilst handcrafting a ring to the exact requirements of the main diamond, and the customer, takes a little more time, effort and consideration, we are passionate about creating one of a kind pieces. We believe in our approach, high quality standards and acute attention to detail.

Our Master Craftsman,Robert,is responsible for overseeing the careful and precise handcrafting of all our fine luxury jewellery. In his 40 years working in the business, 15 of which was spent in LA producing luxury jewellery for Hollywoods finest, Robert has created incredible high end bespoke pieces for fine jewelers and private collectors. Roberts attention to detail, and precise approach, ensures that our products are true luxury one of a kind pieces.

The GIA invented the grading standard and grade diamonds strictly and consistently against these rigorous standards. This ensures that the customers know that they are getting exactly what they are paying for. Other certification houses, such as IGI and EGL, over grade diamonds which gives customers a false sense of quality and value. For example, if the GIA grade a diamond an H colour, the EGL appraisal of the same diamond would be that it’s an F colour. Dubai Rocks believes in a consistent, fair and transparent approach so only sells diamonds certified by the GIA.

The GIA have done extensive research into this subject and found the following: Some diamonds fluoresce, most commonly blue, to the concentrated long-wave ultraviolet radiation of a UV lamp. There is a perception in the trade that this fluorescence has a negative effect on the overall appearance of such a diamond. Visual observation experiments were conducted to study this relationship. Four sets of very similar round brilliant diamonds, covering the color range from colorless to faint yellow, were selected for the different commonly encountered strengths of blue fluorescence they represented. These diamonds were then observed by trained graders, trade professionals, and average observers in various stone positions and lighting environments. For the average observer, meant to represent the jewelry buying public, no systematic effects of fluorescence were detected. Even the experienced observers did not consistently agree on the effects of fluorescence from one stone to the next. In general, the results revealed that strongly blue fluorescent diamonds were perceived to have a better color appearance when viewed table-up, with no discernible trend table-down. Most observers saw no relationship between fluorescence and transparency. Source www.gia.edu The full report can be downloaded on the link below.


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Orders & Ring Sizes

The purchase process is informative, personal and very customer friendly.

  • Step 1: – Choose the item that you would like to purchase, either on our website or personally with one of our diamond jewellery experts.
  • Step2: Confirm your order with a 10% down payment – the 10% down payment can be made remotely through our website, bank transfer, or paypal, as well as directly at our workshop in cash or credit card.
  • Step3: Pay the remaining balance either upon collection (after you have seen the item) or prior to shipping, if you are taking advantage of our worldwide delivery service. Updates and images are communicated to the customer during the hand crafting process.

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We accept cash, bank transfer, PayPal and credit card payments (in the workshop) from all major credit card companies. Remote payment methods include PayPal, our website and bank transfers. If you visit our workshop you can also pay by credit card or in cash. All of our prices assume a final settlement in cash or bank transfer. The following additional charges apply to other payment methods used for final settlement – AMEX3.5% – Visa/Master card 2.5% – Paypal 4.5%.

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Yes- Fergus James ships worldwide using a premium fully insured service provided by FedEx. The items we ship are valuable and the responsibility and liability of Fergus James, until the customer receives the item. This keeps the shipping process risk free for the customer. Customers can track the status of their delivery throughout the process.

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Return Policy

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