Fergus, thanks so much for all you help, deeply appreciated! Background…We had spent a full day trawling thru the Gold & Diamond mall where we just felt like they were trying to push what ever was on their shelves at us and we just felt like we were being given the run around. Spoiled the experience completely… then I messaged Dubai Rocks that night and traded a few WhatsApp messages with Fergus and he listened and met him the next day at his office and he had sourced EXACTLY what we were looking for and at a better price than anyone at the mall had even mooted! Best touch was he kindly delivered the ring to our hotel in Abu Dhabi the next day. Good luck, you are a great communicator and have nice way about you! (My advice to others;dodge the mall… call Fergus first! (Even before you get to Dubai) – then maybe go to the mall, to validate what good value he is, and what a pain in the backside the mall is!) Cheers, Jerome & Emma!