I’ve followed Dubai Rocks online for a while now, but I was still nervous, buying a diamond online?! When I contacted Fergus I was immediately put at ease, I had the design (taken

from Pinterest) just to find the stone … Fergus sent me several options all within our budget, and when I was wracked with indecision he told me to follow my heart. Which I did. My

marquee pendant was delivered on time and although I had seen videos and photos of the stone the real thing was so much better than I had imagined! No pushy salesman jobs, a

price that wasn’t beaten when I contacted other jewellers in Dubai and a very personal but professional service. Fergus is even going to swap the chain for me when I next visit Dubai

as that’s the only bit I’m a little unhappy with and that’s my personal fussiness !!! I would not hesitate to use or recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone.