Have proposed few weeks ago with a ring from Dubai Rocks. Can’t praise enough the quality and the service received. You’re not only getting a high qulity, GIA certified diamond of

your choice (and there’s plenty to chose from, which, of course goes along with an expert advice) in a lovely setting, but also a cheer up from Fergus personally, on a very nervous day

right before the proposal. The entire process of choosing the diamond (which took for me a good couple of days) was supported by a daily communication with pictures, videos,

recommendations and hints on which specifications deserve more attention, and all that without even a iota of intention to sell me the most expensive diamond, rather then the one

which will actually match my needs in terms of quilty/price (which I have encountered a lot in other jewelries). Few days after the proposal I had to come back for two reasons- 1) to

adjust the ring size (beleive my “ring-size measuring skills” are not that good??), 2) My girlfriend wanted to personally thank Fergus for such a stunning ring. It happened that my GF

had a pendant from other jewelry which had a small diamond piece fallen out of it, so Fergus offered to fix it, and did it free of charge- small touch, that makes a huge difference!

Having all that said, I would like to thank the entire Dubai Rocks team, and Fergus personally once again. You’re doing a great work! I’m sure it was not the last time I was a client of