If you’re on the lookout for the best engagement rings, then look no further. Dubai Rocks is the only British jeweller in UAE that has satisfied my beyond expectations and requirements. I’ve been to a number of online jewellery shops and physical stores in Gold Souk including malls searching for the perfect engagement ring for my now fiancé, but to no avail. I almost ended up buying in USA. Knowing UAE to have great deals, I did my further research and luckily I’ve stumbled upon Dubai Rocks and met Fergus. I approached him with a lot of questions, requests and even in a tight schedule. Yet Fergus happily attended all my queries and assisted me all throughout the process until I’ve finally found my perfect centre stone and custom-made setting. Finally the day has come that I was going to pick up the ring, I anxiously went inside the shop hoping nothing but a good outcome. Upon seeing the ring, I have never been so satisfied as a customer as I was then. I have just seen the most beautiful ring that, I believe, would perfectly suit my equally beautiful woman. Here’s the much awaited part. I decided to ask her the most important question in our lives on her very birthday, in no less than the place where I can perfectly see myself kneeling down before her and uttering the four life-changing words (Will you Marry Me?). As emotional as we were, she answered me this while crying – THE RING IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I couldn’t help myself but ask. Did she just say YES??? I bet you all know what’s her answer. Thank you Fergus for the smooth, easy and fast transaction considering the conditions given. Till next time bro!