The service that Fergus provided was quite simply second to none. I bought an engagement ring from Dubai Rocks, a scary enough proposition in itself…… but I was also buying it

while living in the UK and then collected the ring while on a work trip to Dubai having never seen it before and having paid the deposit in advance. This requires a certain amount of

faith in Dubai Rocks and Fergus, which turned out to be well placed! I had a very specific design that I was looking for and by sending photos and descriptions to Fergus over

Whatsapp we eventually came to the exact design I wanted. This was then perfectly created by Dubai Rocks in the ring itself. However, the thing that impressed me most about Fergus

was the way in which he used his expertise to best advise you. I selected a diamond from his list of suppliers to be the main diamond in the ring. Fergus then informed me that this

diamond was actually slightly cloudy in appearance, something which was not listed in the information. He then suggested another stone that was exactly the same spec and price

but was a clear stone and not cloudy. This advice really allowed me to get the best diamond available in my range. I would instantly recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone and would

return myself. As an added bonus, I had the ring valued in the UK for insurance purposes and was blown away by the valuation I was given…. It was significantly more than the price I

paid at Dubai Rocks! The Guild of Values and Jewellers who officially valued the ring said that it was a ‘stunning piece of jewellery and beautifully crafted with clear attention to

detail’. Needless to say…. my now fiancée loves it!