For a complete novice like myself, new to diamonds and jewellery etc. I was a bit cautious as to where to go, who to speak to and what to look for. Having seen Dubai Rocks come up in searches, a friend mentioning them to me and having read their reviews, I dug a bit deeper into what they had on offer… Not only is there a massive range of diamonds (and ring options) to choose from, I was fortunate to have Fergus patiently help me with my tricky questions and literally be my 24/7 go-to-guy for advice. And the cherry on top was that there was zero sales pitch, just genuine, interested, impartial advice. I am pretty sure it is impossible to match the service I experienced but not just that, I shopped around and got prices elsewhere and no other options came anywhere close to the prices they offer. All in all, I owe you and your team a massive thank you! It was an absolute pleasure. My fiancée absolutly loves the ring. Keep up the good work.