After wondering through number of jewellery stores in the malls I couldn’t find what I was looking for and the salesmen seemed to keen to sell whatever they had in store without going into much details about the quality of the diamonds. I then turned to online search and came across Dubai Rocks. I have contacted Fergus for further help and immediately fell at ease. We discussed the diamond specifications I was looking at and advised and gave me few pointers what to look for without any pressure to buy. We then immediately agreed on the design and the diamond he has selected. Upon the completion Fergus even delivered it to Abu Dhabi personally himself which was a really professional and much appreciated approach. Needles to say my now fiance was all over the moon when she saw the ring as it met all the expectations. We got the size slightly wrong and Fergus was more than happy to resize it. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so professional and I would highly recommend to look no further and call Fergus. Thank you again.