The task of finding a suitable engagement ring for my now fiancée initially seemed like a monumental task. The 4 Cs, budget, the right design, all of these things just seem to stack up in front of you, an infinite array of potential decisions standing between you and that perfect ring. On top of this, Dubai is swarming with jewellers eager to be the ones who make you their next hasty customer, snapping up a ring as quickly as one can be thrown at you, the less questions asked the better. Well all I can say is thank goodness for Dubai Rocks. It itself is a jewel in the desert, a ray of clarity in a sea of potential pitfalls and confusion. It was after reading good things online that I decided to hit Fergus (the owner) up and see if he could help me on my quest for that elusive ring. Within 24 hours, I was picked up from my hotel, shown several beautiful stones and completely clued up on the diamond essentials. While it was a big decision to make, and I didn’t make it then and there, Fergus and his team just had the right approach. There was no pressure, everything felt tailored and bespoke, and Fergus or Poppy were there to chat on WhatsApp or over the phone at a moment’s notice. Everything they did was geared around trying to find me the best GIA certified diamond possible and marrying it with the exact design I had in mind. I couldn’t be happier with the result of these efforts; a classical, elegant and timeless ring that left my fiancée speechless when I finally proposed! While the quality, craftsmanship, and natural beauty of the ring speak for themselves, it’s this reaction and that fact that a day doesn’t go past without us or somebody else commenting on the ring that make me know I made the right decision by getting in touch with Fergus. By all means take a look around to get an idea of what you’re looking for, but don’t waste too much time. Head to Dubai Rocks and find something unique.